UV toothbrush steriliser clinically proven to kill up to 99,9% of all harmful bacteria and germs living on your toothbrush. Further information »»

Ionic toothbrush - works without toothpaste (it can also be used with a small amount of toothpaste) - Reduces bacteria that cause dental caries and gum bleeding due to the action of natural cleaning of electrons emitted by its revolutionary solar conductive rod. Due to its high capacity of cleaning, the adhesion of the plaque to the teeth is reduced through photoelectric action. Further information »»

Wellness Carafe - to filter water - filter composed by several minerals. Further information »»

Compensatory Magnetic Oscillator (CMO) – The CMO is an transmitter of compensation waves ultra weak, non toxic, that aims to help the body to find again its bio-electromagnetic balance whenever this one is disturbed by an environment of potentially dangerous waves (coming from computers, televisions, bluetooth, wireless, mobile phones and Wi-Fi, etc). Further information »»

Goji berries - Chinese fruit: vision, reinforcement of the immune system, regulator of blood pressure, of blood sugar levels and of cholesterol, rich in beta-carotene.

Several food supplements, mainly:

Hawaiian spirulina - conjunction and muscular pains, regenerator of the skin and protector of the arteries. Organic silicon is a natural anti-inflammatory.

Fish oil capsules - vision, brain, memory, heart, articulations, skin, immune system.

Organic silicon (gel and liquid) - conjunction and muscular pains, regenerator of the skin and protector of the arteries.

Pau d’arco/Ipê roxo - reinforce of the immune system, painkiller, anti-oxidizer, anti-parasitic, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, cancer prevention.

Maca - natural “viagra”, combats stress, invigorating. Especially suitable for women.

Bee pollen - rich in vitamins of group B, E and P, folic acid and lecithin, anti-ageing properties, energizing.

Supplements that lower homocysteine - (homocysteine is a toxic protein found in the blood, that registers high values in case of severe disease like heart disease).

Immun'Âge - reinforcement of the immune system, anti-ageing properties. Product recommended by Prof. Luc Montagnier, President of the World Foundation for Research and Prevention of AIDS, in his book “Vivre longtemps en bonne santé. Une alliée extraordinaire: la papaye fermentée”, Éditions Michel Lafon, 2008. Further information »»

Chá Santa Saúde - digestive problems.

Cosmetics and products of natural hygiene for all ages – douche gel, liquid soap, creams and moisturizing and protective masks, soaps, shampoos, hair conditioners, vegetal hair tints, deodorants, mouthwashes, solar protectors, etc, namely of the trade marks Weleda, Elisa Câmara, Logona, Santé, Ignoramus, Jason and Color Erbe.

Essential oils - rosemary, lavender, anises, basil, cinnamon, cedar, eucalyptus, fennel, ginger, peppermint, jasmine, orange, lemon, pine tree, pennyroyal, rose, French lavender, violet, ylang-ylang, arnica, calendula, etc.
Oils for baths/massage (aromatherapy and phytotherapy) - constituted by sweet almonds oil and 4% of each one of the essential oils referred behind (10% in the cases of the pure oil of arnica and of calendula).

The addition of essential oils to sweet almonds oil confers to this one therapeutic properties, attributing to the massage specific effects for different symptoms. The essential oils should be selected according with the aroma and the purpose intended.

Sweet almonds oil extracted by natural processes (cold pressure) - sweet almonds oil is a nutrient that prevents skin dryness, softening it, increasing its flexibility, avoiding many of the effects of premature ageing, eliminating the excoriations, providing it shine and dispersing the heat in an uniform way in the whole body.

Natural feeding (products for), namely:

Manuka honey UMF® has namely exceptional antibacterial properties Further information To buy contact us to - Further information

Candies without sugar Ricola (Swiss herbs, eucalyptus, elderberry flower, orange and mint, lemon and melissa, etc).

Teas - namely 3 years tea (kukicha), white tea, rosemary tea, sea algae tea, chamomile tea, lemon balm tea, prince herb tea, fruits tea, fennel tea, hypericum kneipp tea, lemon-scented verbena tea, tilia tea, morning sorcery tea, Christmas mixture tea, black tea with cinnamon, green tea, red tea, mallow tea, etc.

Others - Himalayan crystal salt, coconut butter, almond paste, flaxseed oil (soft flavour), grapeseed oil, dried fruits, fruit and vegetable natural juices, fruit spreads/jams without sugar, rice milk, almond milk, goat milk, soya milk, etc.

Books related with the theme natural health - Further information


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